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Installing Asterisk With Yum

This tutorial tells you how to install Asterisk 1.6x on CentOS 5 and RHEL 5 using yum.I will be testing this on my production server to see if it is a better method for installing Asterisk than by compiling from source wi\hich is what I normally do.

Installing a binary distribution of Asterisk makes it easier to maintain your system. Using the package management tools that are included with your Linux distribution, you can install and update software without manually managing dependencies (libraries and utilities on which applications rely). Currently Asterisk is available for automated binary installation using the ‘yum’ utility on CentOS 5 Linux and for RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.

See link:

Where it first says to install using yum, there are a few package names cut off bauce of the advertisement. You need to enter the following command into your terminal:
yum install asterisk16 asterisk16-configs asterisk16-voicemail dahdi-linux dahdi-tools libpri